Work In Progress

Thank you so much for stopping by. I would love to hear your thoughts and of course I welcome anyone who would like to follow this blog.

This blog will soon have all it's Bells and Whistles, but for now I just wanted to Introduce myself and give you a brief layout of what this Blog will hold. 

My Name is Tehlia. I am the original Creator and Designer for I make Custom and Original Scarves and Spa items using crochet, as well as Upcycled, Re-purposed items (soon to come) All by Hand. I have been crocheting for over 10 years and as of February 2010 decided to open my first Shop on Etsy. Business has been great and I have learned a lot in this short time. One thing I have discovered is where I want my shop to go. In terms of style, product, items and meaning. When I started I just wanted to get my creations out to the public. And of course I wanted things to sell. Then I began to see that I, although small and one person, have an impact and leave a mark. That I am in complete control of what I put out into the world and want to make sure that what I produce is contributing in a better way. Whether it be Earth friendly or locally made and purchased I know I can change things in my shop and studio one scarf at a time.